Our Equipment

Lighting and Modifiers:

  • 8 Bowens Gemini Studio Lights with adjustable support stands
  • 7 Bowens Pulsar Radio Triggers & Receivers
  • 1 Bowens Ringlite – Ringflash Converter
  • 2 Bowens 180x25cm Stripboxes with grids 
  • 2 Bowens 60x80cm Lightboxes
  • 1 Easy-up 90cm Octobox with honeycomb option
  • 1 Easy-up 150cm Large Octobox
  • 1 Wind Machine Calumet Studio Tristar Turbo 500 with stand on castors
  • 1 Heavy Duty lighting boom on castors
  • 1 floor-level lighting stand on castors 
  • 1 Smoke Machine Lexlighting 500w wireless
  • 3 Bowens 120 Degree Umbrella Reflectors 
  • 3 Bowens 90cm Umbrella Set (Silver, White options)
  • 2 Barn Door sets with honeycombs and 4 colour gel sets
  • 20cm Wide Angle Spot Reflector
  • 2 Bowens fit Snoots with honeycomb and 4 colour gel options
  • Bowens fit easy-up 60cm white beauty dish with honeycomb and diffuser
  • Bowens fit 42cm Silvered Beauty Dish with honeycomb and diffuser
  • Bowens fit Backlite / Background Reflector with diffuser gel
  • 110cm Reflector on telescopic support stand with translucent, silver, gold, white and black diffuser options
  • Handheld easy grip small reflector silver / gold



Backgrounds and Equipment:

  • Colorama Wall-mounted Interchangeable Background Support System
  • Colorama 2.7m Paper Backgrounds – Black, Dark Blue, Polar White, Caramel, Purple, Cherry, Yellow, Grey + others
  • Freestanding background support with 3 cloth background options – purple mottled, blue hand-dyed & green screen
  • Slik 700DX Professional Tripod Kit with 700DX 4-way head
  • Sekonic L-308B Flashmate Digital Light Meter
  • Lastolite set of 4 black modelling tubs with cushions
  • Large Black faux Leather bean bag bed
  • Various Stools, Chairs, material, cushions and throws
  • Various props, outfits & accessories

Other Facilities:

  • Studio Working area: 86 sq meters
  • Outdoor shooting area offering additional setting possibilities
  • Sofa and separate café style seating area with table (upstairs)
  • Fully fitted kitchen, with fridge, microwave, hob, oven & dishwasher
  • Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Separate changing area and shower room
  • Pioneer Hi- Fi with iPod docking
  • Fully fitted makeup room 
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Step Ladders
  • Free on street parking for visitors
  • Free WiFi internet access
  • Easy walking distance from local shops