York Photography Studio is situated in a beautiful Victorian building on the outskirts of York City Centre. Here at York Photography Studio our aims are twofold:

Studio Hire

Our aim is to provide a fully equipped Photographic Studio for local photographers to hire on a hourly, half and full day basis. Our pricing is keen and should suit the amateur or professional photographer that doesn't have access to their own studio facilities.


Our Studio is available for you to hire, whether it is for family or group portraits, model portfolios, still life products, or just for a fun shoot, we have the space and equipment to suit your needs.

We regularly arrange peer shoots, photography courses and themed group shoots, where photographers, models and makeup artists can collaborate and learn from each other.



Photography Services

In addition to hiring the studio space to other photographers, we are also able to provide a full range of Studio based services to individuals, couples or groups who would like inexpensive, professional quality digital images for their own use.

Whether you are looking for a few portrait shots to upload to Facebook, to share a family or group occasion, or to create or update your modelling portfolio, we are able to offer a relaxed, warm and friendly setting to produce some lovely images that you will be proud of.



Kevin Prime

112 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4EY

07734 325050


GDPR – York Photo Studio Privacy Policy:

In May 2018, the EU law on data protection is changing. To be in line with these changes, we would like to make sure you know where you stand on data protection as photographic images have been identified as a form of personal data.

What data do we hold?

For photographers, as a general principle we do not hold any text based personal data, all communications are made via Social Media unless you have specifically requested contact by email. If we do hold your email address for this purpose then we will never pass it on to any 3rd party organisations.

As a model or other person being photographed, I understand that images taken have been identified as personal data. At the time of any photoshoot, you will be asked to provide information to identify you, and to sign a Model Release Form. We will never pass this information on to any 3rd party organisations without your express permission.

What do we do with the data we hold?

If you have provided your email address, then we will use this occasionally to send details of events being run at the studio.

If we have photographed you, Model Release Forms will be held as a record of the agreement made for that photoshoot. If we are supplying images for publication then we may need to share the Release Form with the publication involved, in order to prove that we have copyright.

If we have taken images of you, then those images are stored electronically at the studio, and may be uploaded to online platforms such as Flickr, DropBox, PurplePort, FaceBook, Instagram etc. If you have any objection to images being used in this way, please note this on the Model Release Form before signing.

How to stop hearing from us?

You can have your text-based data removed by contacting the studio by email at info@yorkphotostudio.co.uk.

If you have previously agreed to have your images taken, then you also agreed at the time for your images to be retained. If you would like your images to be deleted, then this can be arranged by mutual agreement.


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